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  • Schade das du aus dem Team bist.

    Viel erfolg dir weiter hin!

  • Hello, i got false banned.

    I never hack.

    I was playing with friends on gungame, i got a 30 killstreak or something just like that.

    I was using labymod, i got banned for hacking, i wasn’t.

    I have 15 cps if i jitter, but i cant aim and jitter at the same time.

    I hope i get a unban, sorry if i did something wrong.

    My ign is Wesleygame

    My discord is: Wesleygame#0655

    - Wesley Willemsen

    • Hello, if you want to be unbanned, just write in this Section ( Entbannungsantrag ) why you got banned, why it is a failure etc.
      Never write anything that belongs to a ban on the Wall of some Teammembers.
      Thank you!

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